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Windows Media Player Security and Windows Media Player
Other Players of Note

Video Types and Players
Windows Media Player:
The player included with the Windows operating system, with the constant upgrades it seems to require, will handle all of the file types posted in A.B.M.E. with these exceptions:
   1. Rm - Real Media file types are best played with their own "free" player ( hunt for the free one on their hard sell "buy it" page).
   2. Viv - Video Active files. Bought out by Real years ago, we recommend you open them with Real Player, then allow RP to download the add on for viv.
Other codecs - maybe yes, maybe no - depends on if M$ likes you this week. Often the reports of "can't get it from M$ auto download" are caused by net congestion, not lack of codec - or you've screwed up your machine by loading things like the Angel Potion and the installer can't get around it. Divx is the only group of codecs widely used that can't yet be gotten from M$.
If you don't have wmp6.4 (windows media player 6.4), but want to have a working version on your computer - Check out this one Windows Media Player Classic.
And our thanks to Tazzman for the tip off.

If you've just gotta go exploring, several of the divx players have an "extra" ability to handle broken divx files, and Waldo's shows a good multiple file capacity. Links to both on the links page. Check's players, as some good words are filtering in.

Windows MediaPlayer Security Fixes
For those who have not updated their player since May 21st, 2001, here's an important note from M$:
"Microsoft has released security fixes for its audio and video player. The problem could allow hackers to run any code they want on your machine. The security advisory has details for the technically inclined. Media Player 6.4 users should install a patch which has been posted on its security website. Users of Media Player 7, 8, and 9 should install the latest Windows Media Player (9.x), which is available at Microsoft's media website."
Direct links to the info Bulletin: MS01-029

Windows Media Player Download
Windows Netshow Download( asf endcoder )

Codec Installation Problems in Windows
For those still finding themselves with problems realating to a failure of any of the M$ codecs to properly install, there is a new patch on the M$ download page called Codecs Download Package.  This utility installs the following Windows Media Codecs: WM Video versions 7 and 8, WM Audio (all versions), WM Screen version 7, and other legacy codecs.

Windows Media Page (select the Codecs Download Package)
For people having XP problems, check the section on Xp for all the collected Xp fixes.

The Macintosh platform can deal with most sorts of video formats (mov, avi, and mpeg) by using the movie viewer application included with quicktime 3 and 4. It can also play mp3 files as well. Macs can use RealPlayer to play ra/rm files.  No versions of I263 or VCR1 and 2 known for the Mac.
oDDz posted a nice way for Macies to locate codec information on the Mac player:

1. After it tells you the codec is not available select continue. This will leave the movie open.
2. Under the movie menu select movie properties. This will bring up a dialog box.
3. In the movie drop down menu select the video track. The other menu gives the selection for what info you want from the video track.
4. Go to the format info and it should tell you what codec is used.
5. Then you can search for that codec on the web or ask someone here to post it.
I don't know if this works the same for wintel machines, but it should be similar.
Apple Quicktime Download
Another player of note for Mac is Blink. As mjello said:
the context was, "how do i get out of quicktime hell?" Setting that aside, this is another one of those amazing, free gems that make you gnash your teeth when you have to pay adobe $199 to fix something that you, as an unpaid beta-tester, told them was fucked in the first place (and which they denied when you told them)

Other Players of Note

 1. Sick and tired of us old guys going on about the value of Windows Media Player 6.4 - it's lack of spyware / reportware / function? Well, it would appear that those smarter than us took pity on us all and built a new player - Windows Media Classic - that works better than 6.4, without any of the rest of the junk that comes with wmp7, 8, and most directly, wmp9. Run, do not walk, to get it here. And our thanks to Tazzman for the tip off.

Vmpeg1.7 is one of the "old style" Mpg1 players. It allows variable rate, and can connect the seperate wav / mpg files sometimes still found on the net.

VMPEG1.7 - Self extracting EXE file

Woldo's remains one of the most popular for replacing Windows Media Player. It allows playlisting, and can play anything that WMP can.

Woldo's MCI Video File Player

For those looking for a sperate Mpg2 player, this one comes highly recommended. Look for the Elecard shareware player.

MPG2 player @

There are a large number of different Divx/Avi players, all with strong points. Please note if you are considering the player or codec / player bundle, which is apparently wired for Adware. As reported in Techware, the bundle during install disables many Anti-ad and Ad block software already installed on  your system. Futher, it adds a program (ticker.exe) to your regestry that must be left active for encoding (if not decoding) and connects to the ad site whenever you're on line.  Payware, we understand. Spyware, and programs that alter other programs, we do NOT. Download the freeware version.

Divx AVI Players

Mpeg/Mpg player with FF/Rwd abilities ? Check out Zoom Player, that Loafer recomemds. Works quite well. Free to DL and use.  It has a plethora of settings and hot keys.  If it doesn't have it, you don't need it.  You'll be discovering new options for weeks.  Check it out.

Zoom Player (also known as Zplayer)

For more Editors, Players, and other Related software, try

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