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If you suspect that one of the codecs are missing from your machine, click on the "Test" active link to the right of the codec type and it will load a standardized 3 second clip using that codec. The last column contains the known information as to where to get the codec. If the background of the codec is green, DO NOT fail to read the comment here:
CODECs marked by GREEN BACKGROUNDS are those that were not designed by their makers to be shared between machines, and/or have been discontinued. While fixes are available that allow you to "add" these codecs - so that you may view clips based on them, the FAQ consortium must warn you that to do so may have unexpected results, up to and including machine failure. While many a downloader has added these codecs, DO SO AT YOUR OWN RISK!

"4cc" Name
 Avi Codec type and information
Press to test
Link to download the Codec

3ivx appears to decode most MPEG-4 variants (including DivX 3,4 and 5, Apple MPEG-4, Philips MPEG-4 and XviD), and because of its core design and optimization maintains a record-breaking decode speed. The windows version of the decoder includes an AAC audio decoder for Windows Media Player as well as a Media Splitter (to play back .avi, .mov and .mp4 files inside Windows Media Player).

This one's really, really a winner. Two steps are needed to play all the  M$ mpeg4.x, divx3, 4, 5.x, Xvid, and Jessica Drake vids:
(from PB)
AA. Remove all the other divx versions. If possible, remove them in the order they were installed.
BB. Download and install 3ivx. After downloading and installing:
1. Bring up the 3ivx properties window from "3ivx config" under the Windoze start menu.  There are two tabs at the top.
     a. Click on the tab labeled "DirectShow Priority"
     b. Ensure that the checkbox for DivX 5 is checked. Set the DirectShow Priority slider from "Normal" to "Preferred"
2. Don't forget to update your M$ directX to the current version.


Angel Potion
vidc:AP41 Another hack of Microsoft's MP43 codec. We strongly recommend against installing this codec due to its occasional tendency to modify client structures. Never a Test
you kidding?
vidc.asv1 Asus capture card specific codec, works on other cards as well and is available on the Asus web. Test
vidc.asv2 Next generation proprietary. The Asus Video 2.0 ASVX codec is currently only supported by their Windows 9x capture software. The audio is in the .avi file, but the video is in a .asv file. Test
vidc:cvid   CinePak --avi format by Radium.  Cinepak was originally developed to play small movies on '386s. Its greatest strength is its extremely low CPU needs.  It was the first of the multiplatform avi codecs. Adopted by Apple as an early "cross over" codec.  After no development in quite a while, CinePakProby CTI has developed new versions of Cinepak(Pro) for Mac and Wintel machines.  Specs on this new version continue to be almost non existent.

The Pro
vidc:CJPG codec used by Creative Labs Video Blaster Webcam Go control 
no test
no codec
DIVX2.x to 3.0
This was a short lived and mostly never seen early version of the DIVX hack of mpeg4.1 and 4.2. When it was released almost no clips were made and posted with it, but now for some reason it's showing up more and more. Because of it's nature, the easiest "fix" if you find yourself with one of these clips is to open the file with a hex editor and change the div1 or 2 to the corrosponding mpeg fourCC - either to mpg4 for div1 and mp42 for div2 (thanks to TLM) no test no codec
 Divx;) - version3.11 
Divx 3 is the "hacked" version of the M$'s MPEG4x codec. The codec has become one of the most popular due to good key frame control and quality settings that mimic the non working direct stream controls of iv5. Comes with a HIGH and LOW speed Video codec and the Fraunhofer IIS MPEG Layer-3 (read mp3) Sound codec. Make sure after installing divx that you then run the "Run Me First" sound set up.
On Mac's it appears msMedia Player 6.x is needed. For Mac, cat2200 has a slick note on the problems with divx's mp3 sound:  on these clips that have to be run using DivX on a Mac ( indeo 5 doesn't do the job), you'll get the pic but no or crappy sound. Open the menu Movie and run DivX Doctor, save as a mov and Bingo ! crystal clear sound
see above DivX 3.22 is really just the DivX 3.11 Alpha codec + the scene detect patch. You can install them separately, or use this installer from Kristal Studio. no test
Open: vidc:DIVX
Krystal: vidc:kvi4
3vix: vidc:3iv1
Divx4  - For now, at least 3 different versions of divx 4 are out. If you're going to install both divx3 & divx 4, please install divx3.11 first, and during the install for 4 do not allow divx4 to play divx 3.11 clips.

For OpenDivx:  If you have problems with the install, go back and install the VFW4050src.tip also. This is because the original install file seems to have an error with the Video for Windows Filters. The file above will fix it. This is only important for those who wish to edit their files - should not be needed for downloaders.
NOTE #1 DIVX4 is NOT the same as the codec "div4" used in divx3.11
NOTE #2 "Open" refers to the vesion Divx4 found at is no longer "Open source". See a great divx Open source - Xvid.

Test ks4
Test 3x4
Open Divx
Divx5.0 to Divx 5.0.5
note the identical 4cc in use!
At this time, Divx 5 is only available "bundled" in a single package. With Divx 5.03 they appear to have removed the spy ware / adware from the "basic" free version, but their Pro trial version continues to have it. As reported in Techware, the bundle during install disables many Anti-ad and Ad block software already installed on  your system. Further, it adds a program (gain_trickler_[version].exe) to your registry that must be left active for encoding (if not decoding) and connects to the ad site whenever you're on line.  Payware, we understand. Spy ware, and programs that alter other programs, we do NOT.
Since the freeway version currently is "clean", and comes with an active encoder, we strongly suggest loading only the freeware version of Divx 5.x, or use the Open source 4 or a great new divx know as Xvid (divx backwards). 

Those using this codec for compression have reported problems with the divx5 bundle knocking out their ability to encode in divx3 or 4. A manual fix for the encoding problem has been reported by horneyGerman for users of Win98 / ME / Xp. Review it here.

Divx 5
Divx 5.1.1

Duck Truemotion
version 1, 2, and 3. One of serveral compianies to be swallowed by On2 Technologies. no test

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