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A MPG Testing Ground
Mpeg1 - Mpg 1
Mpeg2 - Mpg 2 (aka mp2)
Mpeg4 - Mpg 4
Mpeg7 - Mpg 7

If you suspect that one of the codecs are missing from your machine, click on the "Test" active link to the right of the codec type and it will load a standardized 3 second clip using that codec.  Also, check the "Others" and "DVD/VCD" pages for other forms of mpg files.

 Codec/ Extension  MPG Codec types Press to test Codec download
M1v -- see Mpg1, but this is one of the "streaming" versions, and not quite the same thing as Mpg.  DO NOT rename  *.m1v as *.mpg, you might find strange results on playback if your player can't handle m1v. In windows if media player doesn't recognize this file type, just associate it with mplayer2 and it should present no difficulties. Test none known
One of the great "missed opportunities" was the failure of the Mpg group to realize that their mpa audio layer 2 contained the seeds of the greatest change to music since Edison's "Mary had a little Lamb". Since so many people don't understand it's roots, and are looking for info on an install for it to play on their systems, here it is. Here on CCC is the Sound America add on, and the 2nd link is for the Radium - growing in use. Test Mp3
Mp3 codec
Radium Mp3
Mpg1, MPEG1
The first of the truely cross platform systems. The best of the mpgs you'll find are composed of "I", "B", and "P" frames. In order: I frames are complete images, B frames are incomplete and fill in the information with data from the prior I frame, and B frames are incomplete and draw data both from the prior and future I frame. Some of the first MPG1 files were produced with seperate video and  .WAV sound files.  As long as both have the same filename and are in the same directory, players like VMPEG will play them together when you open the .MPG file. If you find any .MPE video files on your hard drive that won't play, rename them .MPG.  This happens when a file is posted as .MPEG and the extension is truncated by Windows on download.
On a Mac, use you can use Sparkle to view .MPGs with separate .WAV files. QuickTime now supports MPEG1 and 2.
Please, oh please, make sure you really, really can't play an mpg before installing the Vmpeg player.
Mpeg2, Mpg2, Mp2
A MPG2 decompressor was once installed with any version of MS Media player on the win9x platforms.  Most new users report that they don't have this function anymore unless they've installed a DVD player of some sort. If for any reason you can not view mpg2 files, and you do not have a video card with it's own mpg2 codecs, try first to uninstall and reinstall the MSplayer on your system before attempting to install a separate mpg2 player. If you do have mpg2 codecs that came with your vid card, then follow their instructions to reinstall. If all else fails, try the MPG fix from the links section, but we make no claims that it will fix your problems. Also available is a Mpg2 player, which will load it's on codecs for mpg2
MPG2 Patch
Mpeg4 Mpg4
After many years of heated debate (notice no mpg3?) and with both Apple and Microsoft at points attempting to throw their on twist to the developing standard, Mpeg4 was approved in 1999. Like mpg2 was for years, Mpeg4 is now a part of a large number of professional applications and software. On the home computer front, however, it would appear that the primary entries have been in the Apple mpeg4 based DV codec, in about half of all current dv recorders, and M$'s mpeg4.avi codec, which has caused no end of problems for computer users and as of yet has failed to make any inroads into dv formats. Many of the available versions of Mpeg4 are NOT cross compatible, but are propriety versions with base in the root design. Test
none known
The next version of mpg is now labeled 21 - frankley meaning that they created more conflict than agreement and hope that if they jump 10 versions they can sort it out. If you're around a few years, well, we'll see. No Test none known
 Mpg1 streming codec video only - no sound
PC, *nix
 Mpg1 streaming video with audio
PC, *nix

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