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Note that we share Codec Corner Com with Ky's Corner, a site for the Mac Minded as well as containing really good Window's notes. Might want to check it out.

If you suspect that one of the codecs are missing from your machine, click on the "Test" active link to the right of the codec type and it will load a standardized 3 second clip using that codec. The last column contains the known information as to what OS's the codecs will work on.
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Intel 4
 Intels mov codec. Included with the Ligos/Indeo package of codecs for the Mac
Straight from oDDz Bodtkin:
This is the first official release of MPEG-LA's MPEG 4 codec. You must use the Quictime 6 player to view it, for now. When attempting to download & install the viewer, it asked for a registration number (which I didn't have) and announced that it was installing an mp3 codec (which I wouldn't allow, since I use my present codec for capping).

   1) download the "standalone" installer, URL
   2) do a "minimum" installation, rather than a "standard" or "custom". The minimum install won't mess with any of the mp3 or other codecs you already have installed. The registration number is only for Quicktime Pro!!! You don't need any registration to view a movie. Quicktime Pro will allow you to re-save the file in whatever format you might want.

Even Better, from EW:
I have never liked the QuickTime player.  So I checked around the internet and found a codec (3ivx) that allows the Windows Media Player to play MP4 files.  The 3ivx homepage is here:
Once the codec is installed, you have to RIGHT CLICK an MP4 file and select OPEN WITH CHOOSE PROGRAM.  Then select Windows Media Player from the list.There will be a prompt which states Windows Media Player does not recognize files with this extension, but there is a check box that will tell it to play these file types from now on, check that, then click ok, and you're set.

 .QT --Same as Apple Quick Time .MOV format.  Add ".MOV" to the end and try again. Test
 MOV -- NativeApple Quick Time format.
Windows users can view with Media Player and many others, or with Apple's Quick Time for Windows; Mac owners use Quick Time Player.
QuickTime5.x - doesn't support 68K machines. (NON-Power Mac Macintoshes) 
New version is 6.x. Have had a great deal of problems ( I assume these are early release issues) getting the codec to install on wintel machines so that I could make a test clip. PolarBear got his in, so here's his suggestion:
1) download the "standalone" installer, URL
2) do a "minimum" installation, rather than a "standard" or "custom". 

-- I refer to this one as Quicktime beats up the big boys --
plays under the extension MOV and QT.  The decompressor comes with QT3.x and above.  If you wantt o see why this QT version is so great, check out the clip here. Notice the lack of download time?  the speed of play?  The size vs time?  From what little I've seen of it, one of the best compression formats that is fully cross platform.  True 24 bit colour with Advanced Vector Quantization (VQ) with Motion Compensation. Sorenson codec - in QT3 and above. TOO BAD Quicktime won't adopt it.

This project has been indefinitely delayed.

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