Please note, all the codec links have been moved to the Viewers / Tips page, or to the page connected to them. As of 3/22/02, these links will be allowed to fail.

Software Players
VMPEG1.7 - Self extracting EXE file
Windows Media Player
Windows Netshow ( asf endcoder )
Woldo's MCI Video File Player
MPG2 player @ (Look for the Elecard shareware player).
Divx AVI Players
For more Editors, Players, and other Related software, try

Tools - Resources
Acme Labs - a great "quick start" intro and how to
Apple Quicktime  The developer of Quicktime
AVI Overview page  Information database concerning everything there is to know about AVI architecture
Codec Central  Terran Interactive's own information database about multimedia architectures, codecs, and more
DVD Helper the new site for DVD's (maybe)
Intel  The developer of the Indeo version of the avi codec
Judy & Robert's Quicktime Page  A Quicktime news and information website
Microsoft  Microsoft Media Player and ASF
VCD Helper  One of the better sites to start your vcd (dat,bin) ripping career.
Video Guys  Retailer of Video Capture cards and the like.  Best used for their comparison charts of capture cards.

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