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3ivx, asv1 & asvx, cinepak, Creative, divx 3.11, 3.2, 4, and divx 5, Duck, Huffy, H/I/M263, Ir2&3/Ir4&5, Ivuv9, Mpeg4.x - mp41,42,42, Motion Jpeg, rle, Tscc, uncompressed, Vcr1/2, Video1, Vp3, Yuv9/12/16, Xvid; and the list goes on, and on,....

Mpeg / Mpg1 Mpeg2 / Mpg2,
Mpeg4 / Mpg4
mpv, m1v, mpx, Mp3 audio - 2 different sources.

Intel's Mov, Qt, Mov, Sorenson's Mov

Bin, Dat, Dvd, ISO, SuperVCD, SVcd, Vcd, Vob

Asf, Ev2, Rm, Swf, Viv, Vgpx, Wmv, directX, FFD, and Ogg

Comments about and on various video players. Starting with the run down on Windoz....

 help on Avi codecs,  help sites, and the Divx 4 and 5 encoding problem; and more Help for Xp users.

A "how to section"
Making Previews,
Using Smart Par,
Rar files, Handling WMP "Pop Ups",
X-News, yEnc, Virtual Dub, Quick Par (par2),
Missing Segments with Agent,
BNR2- great binary downloads
 and someday Posting Binaries.

Due to the vast differences in your and my computer, and ours and his and hers and his, we really can not support codec packs. This doesn't mean codec pack are bad, just that it is our opinion that more can go wrong than right by installing a large package of them.

If you find a broken link, find a missing codec, can't get something to work for you, then please take a few minuets to write us with the information. You can help us an others by pointing CCC to the answers. Contact us at webmaster@thisdomain.

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